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How to Teach Holiness, Volume II was born out of a deep desire to see Apostolic people gain a clearer understanding of the applications of holiness principles. PART I addresses five significant and controversial issues: holiness of the heart, holiness of the face, holiness of the wardrobe, holiness of hair, and financial holiness, in particular “the holy tithe.” PART II is the first published material to focus in a comprehensive way on the challenges of teaching holiness to children. These chapters address issues of modesty with young children, the place of household rules, peer influences, and issues concerning boy-girl relationships in the teen years. PART III addresses the issue of temptation and the flood of unholy images in our society. And PART IV addresses techniques for teaching holiness and contending with the nay-sayers. How to Teach Holiness, Volume II will provide all teachers of holiness with greater insight and a clearer definition of what constitutes true biblical holiness.


As a supplement to this book, the author has also written a shorter book called Jesus Bought a House for the students of holiness. This book focuses on defining holiness, describing the seven eternal principles, and encouraging believers to embrace the holy life. Additional material on how to effectively teach holiness is available in How to Teach Holiness, Volume I.

How to Teach Holiness: A case for a Holy Life

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