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How to Teach Holiness II front cover.jpg

How to Teach Holiness:

The Case for a Holy Life

Volume 1: How to Teach

Holiness, From the Inside Out

Building the 

Glorius Church

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Jesus Bought 

a House

The Glorious Church

The Light of Pentecost

Questions & Answers

Is wearing shorts for sports unholy?

Does a woman have to wear a veil when she goes to church

and worship God?

What does the Bible teach about the wearing of earrings and the use of jewelry as a whole?

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In 1992, David A. Huston planted an Apostolic assembly in Carlisle, PA. The author of many books and articles, he has traveled extensively and taught on a variety of topics, including Oneness, leadership, home group ministry, new convert care, the Last Days, and holiness. He currently serves in the leadership of the church in Carlisle where he lives with his wife, Barbara. He has three daughters who are all married to Apostolic ministers, and he currently delights in watching the Apostolic heritage pass into his ten precious grandchildren. He is a passionate advocate of biblical holiness.


For any media inquiries, please contact: David Huston

Telephone: 717-249-2059 | Email:

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